The specialists in sawing, drilling and shotblasting cooperate for your benefit!

Three well established industry leaders have partnered together in order to provide their combined know-how to steel fabricators’ and distributors’ worldwide.

Vernet Behringer, an innovative manufacturer of dedicated production lines for the steel industry, Behringer GmbH, one of the world leaders in sawing solutions and Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH the world’s leading manufacturer of surface finishing technology, including preservation lines, have allied their competencies in order to provide turnkey installations that combine machining, sawing and shot blasting equipment. Worldwide, 1,700 employees are committed to serve end users through a close meshed network of local offices and external sales agencies.

High precision sawing technologies combined with high performance machining lines are the core competencies of Behringer and Vernet Behringer. By linking these systems with Rösler shot blasting equipment, we can thus offer complete turn-key lines with optimized production flows, avoiding common interface problems that occur with other vendors.

From the early phases of your project, our common technical approach ensures an optimal engineering in terms of earnings, productivity and quality so that you are offered the best possible return on investment. Major players in the steel industry already trust every day the know-how of our specialists. See our brochure - Partners 4 Steel




... when three specialists join forces, good luck for the "Fourth"!

In the future, they will receive complete drilling, sawing and blasting lines from a single source. You can benefit only.

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